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With the clear shield
Size Guide
S : Ideal for head-54-56 cm girth.
M : Head circumference 56-58cm is ideal for those.
L : Head circumference 58-60cm is ideal for those.
XL : Ideal for head 60-61 cm enclosed.

The minimum Cap body and Image type BELLStar, close to 500 TX designed in 3D. It is super Small full-faced helmet.
Moulded specially designed shell and Interior during foaming agent there for shock absorption. There are no just reduce Helmet. Features are wide, rounded Front mask.
CLEARCompetition shield with a dedicated design.
Click mechanism, so can keep opening and closing in the location of your choice.
Securing the Snap button on both sides during the total closure, please use.
During the opening and closing will interfere with the Helmet Shield. Please note that it becomes original specifications,.

- OriginalShield mounting Parts &Click mechanism
- Original brass Snap button
- Original brass RivetButton
- Original brass D-ring
- Genuine leather Chin straps Strap
- Private Helmet bag
* It becomes ornament, on public roads, please use your deduction.
* Color is worn examples : The black.