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TT & Company - Thompson 04


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Color : Black metallic
Shield: none
Size Guide
S : Ideal head circumference 53-55 cm.
M : Ideal head circumference 55-57 cm.
L : Ideal head circumference 57 ? 59 cm.
XL : Ideal head circumference 59-61 cm.

Super narrow &Small Cap body to the Full model change by 3D design, we have.
Better Balance and shoulders, to the Japanese system Fit We will. Pressed until the required minimum visibility of top and bottom width. Including the rearward horizontal width is Wide, so, than meets the eye sight of Ali. StraightFrame Sunglasses (Biker shade) In the if mounting is possible.
Left devoted to the 3-stage with Duct is furnished in much ventilation reduces the wind because we handle tension of entering.
The Design HelmetSIDE gouge Edge line. Speed and Sharp, but increasingly.
Body color is 5 colors of Black metallic, Pearl white, Red metal Rick, Black and Matte Black..

- Original design - Brass RivetButton
- Original design - Brass D-ring
- Genuine leather Chin straps Strap
- Logo insertion-only Helmet bag
- Red color interior
* It becomes ornament, on public roads, please use your deduction.
* Mounting a color image : The Pearl White.