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Domed Steel Oil Tank for Triumph & British Choppers


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Lowbrow Domed Oil Tanks feature classic styling and look great on any style motorcycle. Our oil tanks are the highest quality oil tanks available, beautifully 100% TIG welded and designed to be extremely durable. In stock and ready to ship.

- 3 quart tank
- Right side aluminum filler cap, vented. Same thread as Mooneyes filler caps, mix and match!
- Oil feed bung on bottom accepts stock style Triumph feed nipple
- Oil return fitting on bottom is restricted inside the tank the same as stock and has the proper 'T' for feeding oil to your rocker boxes.
- Two 5/16"-18 mounts on top and one 5/16"-18 mount on bottom ensure sturdy and stable mounting.

Tank body is 10" long including the spun domed ends, and is 5" in diameter.