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Задний фонарь Model B - Хром


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Construction: CNC lathe-turned 6061 T-6 aluminum light housing; extra thick injection-molded polycarbonate plastic lens with 5-40 Phillips head mounting screws; die-cut rubber internal LED spacer gasket; custom 15-element LED board with two phases (brake light and running light) and three wires (ground, brake and running lights); two 1/4"-20 button head Allen bolts for mounting on Biltwell custom fender bracket (sold separately) or existing Model-A style taillight/license plate brackets.

Fitment: No School Choppers and others offer a great selection of side- and center-mount Model-A style license plate brackets for custom motorcycles. To give guys who run any of these Model-A style brackets another choice, Biltwell developed our Model B. The Biltwell Model B features the same two-phase LED and ripple finish PC lens as the Biltwell Mako taillight, and will retrofit onto your bike’s Model-A style taillight bracket in minutes. If your bike doesn’t have a Model-A style taillight bracket, we offer a metal bracket that can be custom bent to fit your rear fender, or attached to your bike by any hand-fabbed method you desire.

Details: The outside diameter of the Model B’s alloy housing is just over 2-5/8 inches (67mm), and the red lens is an inch (35mm) smaller: just 1-5/8 inches. When illuminated the LED is easily visible at 100 meters, but due to its small size it may not pass safety inspection in your state or country of registration. This is a custom component for handcrafted motorcycles, so the DOT-worthiness of such vehicles is always dubious. If you’re looking for laser brightness from outer space, please consider another taillight. The Model B is for guys who want to build the cleanest, leanest custom motorcycle possible.